Graduates hold high positions in both public and private sector organisations, as accountants, internal auditors, administration managers and analysts.SAAA members in practicing offices will be involved in the preparation of accounts and other financial data and in personnel and corporate taxation. In commercial organisations and in the public sector they may be involved in the provision of financial and accounting information, budgeting and costing, financial management accounting, internal audit and credit control.
Experienced members would normally hold senior or supervisory positions with responsibility for planning and monitoring the work of other staff. They may also offer consultancy to members of the public in the offices in their own practices as non public accountants.


Obtaining the SAAA qualification assures you that doors get opened in various sectors of the economy. SAAA graduates find the following career options to choose from:

Senior Executives in Public and Private Sectors  Chief Executive Officers
City Councils Treasurers and Finance Executives  Finance Managers
Accountants Bookkeepers
Accounts Clerks Fraud Examiners
Fraud Examination Experts Loss Control Managers
Internal Auditors Expert Court Witnesses
Fraud investigators Anti-Corruption Officers