Vision and Mission
The vision of the Association is: – “to be a respected regional institution in the development of accounting curricula, the training and assessment of accounting practitioners in Zimbabwe and the region.”

The Association’s Mission
“To develop and assess curricula and transfer knowledge and skills to produce high calibre accounting practitioners who are current and future relevant to the markets that they serve.”

Pursuant to the above said Vision and Mission, the Association seeks to achieve the objectives as highlighted below:

  • To provide a recognized qualification and a membership body for persons engaged in accounting or financial management duties in Southern Africa, and to provide an organization for such persons granted such qualifications. Furthermore, to promote in the public interests the accounting competence of such persons and to make provision for the exercise of professional supervision over them by senior members of the Association and profession at large.
  • To give its members and students a corporate identity as well as to make sure that they uphold good ethical behaviour by showing the highest level of trust, honesty, truthfulness and integrity.
  • To regulate the behaviour of students and members, making sure that they apply themselves ethically with the requisite level of integrity.
  • To do such things as or may be necessary to sustain or raise the status of members through continuous professional development and any other relevant activities.
  • To promote and provide opportunities for the exchange of views amongst members and others, and to encourage and promote the delivery of lectures and the reading and discussion of papers relating to accountancy work and related interests of members.
  • To research on the new developments and changes in the profession, disseminate information on such changes to members and make sure that our members create real value for their employers or businesses and contribute to economic development in the country.

 The above objectives are achieved through the following activities undertaken by the Association:

  • The Association organises and conducts conferences, seminars and workshops to keep its members abreast with the changes in the business and accounting environment.
  • Execute professional supervision of the conduct of our members and students and bring to line any deviant behaviour.
  • Representing and advocating for members’ collective interests and recommendations submitted by the Association to Government departments, regulators and other appropriate bodies on matters such as company law and practice, taxation, public finance management and a wide range of other areas of interest.
  • Publication of the quarterly SAAA Chat magazine.