Students must apply for registration on the appropriate form obtainable from the Secretariat and submit it with the academic certificates and appropriate registration fee and first annual subscription (see 1.11.2)If the applicant proposes to study by correspondence, or at a private college, he/she is advised to make sure that he/she hasbeen accepted as a Student by the Association before enrolling for a course of study.If the applicant proposes to study through a Government College, he/she should in the first instance, enroll for the relevant course at the institution before seeking registration as a student.

Students joining the Association will be required to pay registration feein addition to their first annual subscription fee. This fee and subscription will be set by Council from time to time.

Exemption from the Association’s Examinations is available on a subject for subject basis to students who have passed certain examinations, details of which can be obtained from the Secretariat. Application for exemptions should be submitted at the same time as the application for registration. No exemptions will be issued for the Higher Diploma in Accountancy or Higher Diploma in Public Sector Accountancy.

Mature Entry
Exceptions may be made for applicants who have attained a requisite standard of general education and acquired not less than2 years’ appropriate working experience provided that:
– The applicant is aged more than 25 years of age; and
– will normally be expected to have obtained at least 5‘O’ level passes or approved equivalence.

Students are required to conform to the aims and objects of the Association and so far as applicable to them, to conform to such codes of conduct, ethics and practice of the Association as prescribed.
Students are entitled to take part in activities organized by the Association. These will normally include membership of branch or regional organizations of the Association, attending seminars and representation on appropriate committees.

Any student whose annual subscription (including any part of a subscription and any reduced subscription) shall be in arrears for six months or more shall thereupon cease to be a student unless the Council otherwise resolves.