Membership is intended primarily for accounting and financial staff who qualifies by passing the Association’s examinations or by achieving a similar or higher qualification as determined by the Council. Mature students, i.e. 25 years or over, may claim exemption from all or part of the post registration experience requirement specified in 1.8 but must: –
(1) furnish satisfactory evidence that they have obtained a minimum of three years full-time or the equivalent part-time approved practical experience, and proof of age and
(2) Pay the appropriate fee and subscriptions as determined by Council from time to time.

  • Other individuals may exceptionally be admitted to membership on grounds of age and experience at the discretion of the Council.
  • Members in good standing of the Associated Bodies may be admitted to membership. In addition, an applicant who has gained at least 5 years relevant practical experience at a senior level may be admitted to Membership as a Fellow.
  • Members ceasing employment for a minimum period of at least one year on medical grounds may for a maximum of 5 years and on the production of medical evidence, enjoy membership at a subscription equivalent to half the current rate. Application on other grounds may also be considered by Council.
  • Applicants for membership are normally required to have been in full-time employment during the 6 months prior to their application.
  • Periods of employment of less than 8 months duration are not normally considered to count towards the practical experience requirement.