Acceptance into membership means the individual is of good character and professional standing, demonstrable and verifiable professional experience acquired in public or outside public practice. Membership is in five (5) groups largely based on experience and seniority. Being a member allows the bearer to use prestigious suffixes after one`s name as proof of accomplishment. Furthermore, it shows that one belongs to a professional home and is subject to regulation thus enhancing one`s profile. Being a member also gives access to registration with PAAB as a Registered General Accountant and use a further title (RGAc).  Membership is categorised as follows:

Fellow member
This is the most senior membership status which is designated by FSAAA. Fellow members in good standing are allowed use the prestigious suffix FSAAA after their name. This category is proof of seniority in terms of membership and fellow members generally command respect in the profession, society and or at their place of work. It is awarded to those members who have at least five (5) years’ experience at senior level in an organisation at supervisory or managerial level. They must have saved as associate members for at least five (5) years.

Associate member
These are recognised by the award of the designatory letters MSAAA. This type of membership is awarded to those who in addition to passing their Higher Diploma in Accountancy should demonstrate that they have a minimum of three (3) years or any other criteria determined by the Association from time to time. For one to be accepted into this membership one must be in good standing and upon payment of the relevant membership admission fees.

Graduate member
These are members who have qualified by examination of the Association but have not yet fulfilled the requirements for the admission into Associateship.

Corporate Member
These represent any company or body corporate which employs accounting staff and is willing to partake in supporting the accounting profession. This membership is open to any body corporate private or public including local authorities and government ministries or private businesses.

Honorary Member
This kind of membership is conferred to any member of the public who trough the discretion of the council and desirability of the applicant. The applicant may not even be an accountant by profession. This is mainly driven by the applicant`s contribution to the society and or the profession.

Benefits of Membership

Becoming a member of the Association comes with a multiplicity of benefits both to the member and the Association as follows:

  • Members are kept up-to-date with relevant information on changes in the market and accountanting profession for example changes in IFRS, IAS and Taxation laws to mention a few.
  • Members are given access to research findings on issues affecting business and the profession.
  • Members participate in the management of the Association thus may result in good governance and hence brand enhancement.
  • Members have the platform to advocate for any modifications or changes that may be desired in the profession, laws and or regulations.
  • Membership guarantees registration with the Public Accountants and Auditors Board (PAAB) as a Registered General Accountant. This registration and certification raises one`s profile hence increase employability as this is proof that one belongs to a professional home and is regulated.
  • Through SAAA membership and PAAB membership one can obtain a practicing licence as a Practicing General Accountant in terms of the PAAB Act.
  • Corporate members enjoy the benefit of Advertising during the Association’s major events, magazine and website.
  • The employees of the corporate member may be given discounted training in accountancy from the Association.