Advanced Financial Accounting SAAA:501
Financial Management SAAA:502
Strategic Management SAAA:503
Cost & Management Accounting SAAA:504
Corporate Governance & Ethics SAAA:505
Research Project SAAA:506


SAAA Higher Diploma in Accountancy

a) This is qualification is designed to prepare trainees for employment at Accountant Level.
b) SAAA Diploma in Accountancy graduates can opt to study this course and write examinations for the SAAA Higher Diploma in Accountancy.
c) The course is designed to equip managerial personnel in the financial sector with financial management skills. Candidates who study this course should hold a SAAA Diploma in Accountancy or equivalent.
d) On successful completion of this course trainees will be able to demonstrate an ability to apply accounting techniques in Industry and Commerce as well as in the Public Sector.
e) Graduates will be issued the SAAA Higher Diploma in Accountancy.

Entry Requirements